Our Precasting Division has designed and industrialized a system of sound-insulating-sound-absorbing barrier for large road infrastructure, consisting of precast concrete panels, with sound-absorbing layer corrugated expanded clay concrete. The original production system makes it possible to obtain the receptor-side surface from cast-on bottom formwork metal, with characteristics of low permeability and high durability and the possibility of customizing the design and coloring of the surface. The arrangement according to a horizontal pattern of the surface’s fretwork soundproofing improves the overall sound characteristics of the barrier. The specific use of this product for important road infrastructure, especially the new high-speed railway line, involved the passing demanding tests and certifications.


In the early 2000s, the Precasting Division also equipped itself for the production of prefabricated beams for road and rail viaducts. Thanks to the development of new design solutions and significant investments in production, we were able to meet the specific requirements of important Italian infrastructure projects, resulting in elements and systems with high performance standards: high static performance with spans up to 40 m, high compositional flexibility and speed in assembly times. Some obvious examples of the use of our products are on the Milan-Bologna line of the High Speed Railway, specifically in the Piacenza-Fontanellato-Modena section, and on the Treviglio-Brescia railway doubling. In addition, similar structural elements have been used to build road bridges and roof decks of artificial tunnels on the Brebemi and Pedelombarda highway sections. Beams for the Milan-Verona railway section are also currently being produced.


Our Precasting Division has designed and manufactured a system prefabricated for the artificial tunnels of the Pedemontana Highway Lombardy. It is a system of 3 types of elements that are assembled on site to make a prefabricated closed box made of concrete on top of which vegetated soil will be placed. Among the most interesting aspects of using this system for the construction of the highway, besides the undisputed speed of execution, there is the advantage of minimizing environmental impact and overcoming traffic difficulties in one of the most built-up areas in Europe by running three-quarters of the 87 km below ground level.


In 2023 Pizzarotti Precasting inaugurated the production of ashlars prefabricated for the construction of the tunnel cladding rings of the railway passing through Florence, a work of strategic importance in the plan to strengthen the national railway network. Rings for lining are composed of seven components. Inside each ring is also laid a special prefabricated element (invert) on the which is realized the railway armament.
The transport of prefabricated products on site is by train.