of esg results and commitment

In 2021 we published our first Corporate Sustainability Plan 2021-2025 with the definition of high-level commitments and related operational objectives to promote the sustainability of our activities and in our business model. The objectives of the Plan were revised in 2022, taking into consideration the results achieved and the new needs that emerged over time. Due to the changed conditions of the international context, we have redefined some objectives and extended the time horizon until 2030, also to better align with the objectives of the 2030 Agenda.

Agenda 2030: the un objectives
for sustainable development

Our results

These are the main results we achieved in 2022 for each area. These numbers summarize our commitment to building a more attentive, sustainable and responsible world.


Promotion Of the circular Economy

  • -46% of waste produced
  • 72% of non-hazardous waste recycled
  • 67%content of steel products recycled
  • 7% content of inert waste recycled
  • 3% content of cement recycled
  • -27%water consumption

Mitigation e Adaptation to Climate change

  • -27% of direct emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) from Scope 1
  • -8% of indirect emissions of greenhouse gas (GHG) from Scope 2
  • +24% of self-produced electricity from renewable sources

Care and development Of the people of Pizzarotti world

  • -14% of work accidents for direct employees
  • +16% female presence in Italy
  • +20% permanent contracts
  • 26% of hiring for under 30s
  • +17% of employees who receive regular performance reviews
  • Smart working agreement extension

ESG strengthening of the supply chain

  • 100% of new suppliers assessed according to ESG criteria
  • 100% of new suppliers that have signed the company code of conduct

Sustainability Governance

  • ISO 37001 certification that defines the measures and controls to prevent the commission of corrupt acts
  • SA8000 certification on social responsibility

Highlights 2022

  • -27% direct emissions
  • -16% total emissions
  • +24% of self-produced electricity from renewable sources
  • -46% of diesel consumption for electricity production
  • -26% of diesel consumption for transport
  • 98% of non-hazardous waste recycled in Italy
  • -93% injury severity index (SA) of direct employees
  • +16% of hiring of women in Italy
  • 25.891 hours of training