A path
of continuous growth

The ability to look far into the future has allowed us to be leaders in the market for over 110 years. One of our key goals is to identify and develop the company’s future leaders. To achieve this we activate and develop defined career paths, a scrupulous talent management process that is attentive to individual needs, training and development opportunities that guarantee continuous learning and improvement.

We are committed to activating and developing the best talents and we want our people to best express their potential. Continuous learning allows us to always keep up with changes in the market, technologies, cultural and social context. It ensures value, competitiveness and ability to respond to expectations and it guarantees a future full of great projects and satisfactions.

The training strategy

Our corporate culture is based on clear and shared values. Within this value system, many unique people have different levels of experience, knowledge, skills, learning styles and training needs. To make the most of each of them we have created a Learning Development Strategy on three levels.

1.Our On Boarding.

People Learning is the platform created in 2020 to enable all people in the company to access mandatory training and corporate culture dissemination content through a flexible and intuitive way.

2.Learning & Development Program.

In addition to defining a program for acquiring technical/specialty skills that are essential to the achievement of company goals, our people become the protagonists of training by passing on their skills to their colleagues and contributing to the realization of the company’s mission in a shared leadership perspective.

3.Management Development.

Ad hoc initiatives and specific training courses that involve management in the decision-making process.