The code of ethics to share
Our values

We know that a good reputation deriving from the systematic application of ethical principles encourages investments by shareholders, attracts the best human resources, promotes relationships with commercial, entrepreneurial and financial interlocutors, and consolidates reliability towards creditors and the serenity of relationships with employees and suppliers. Unethical behavior compromises the relationship of trust and can encourage hostile attitudes towards the company.

We have identified some reference values that guide the behavior of all the people who act on our behalf, in order to ensure correctness in the conduct of business and company activities.
Honesty, correctness, integrity, transparency, impartiality, confidentiality, respect and protection of the environment, protection of health and safety in the workplace are the values that characterize our actions and are essential for the achievement of our economic, productive and social objectives.

To consistently put these values into practice, everyone shall provide a convinced cultural, technical, operational and ethical contribution, both in individual and collective behaviors.

We carry out all Group’s activities in compliance with International Conventions and in rigorous respect of human rights enshrined in the UN Universal Declaration.
To ensure the correctness and transparency of company operations, we have adopted an organization, management and control model in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 231/01, as well as specific documents that allow you to direct behaviors oriented towards ethics and integrity, such as Ethical code and the Supplier Code of Conduct.

The code of ethics
consists of


The general principles that frame the mission of the Company and main values taken as reference;


The standards of conduct that must be adopted by the subjects who operate in the name and on behalf of the Company in their individual behaviors;


Further rules to prevent risks of unethical behaviors in network management relations;


The implementation and control standards of the code and applicable sanctions in non complying cases.

Recipients of the Code of Ethics are all directors, employees, stakeholders and collaborators of the Company, without any exception, and all those who, directly or indirectly, permanently or temporarily, establish relationships with the Company and work to pursue its objectives, such as contractors, suppliers, service providers.

To integrate the principles reported in the Code of Ethics the Suppliers Code of Conduct was created, which entirely recalls the contents of the Integrated Corporate Policy. The mandatory acceptance of Code of Conduct entails therefore acceptance by all suppliers (or business associates) of the Policy as well.

We have introduced and keep constantly updated operational policies and procedures. We provide specific training to our staff and involve all stakeholders through the whistleblowing system. Our management system for Social Responsibility is certified according to the international standard SA8000:2014.

The anti-corruption management system is certified according to the UNI ISO standard 37001:2016.