Open to new ideas

In our digital transformation process, we have implemented open innovation logics and systems aimed at the internal structure (open mind) and the external market (open innovation) to welcome new ideas and transform them into projects.

The exploit is for us the opportunity and the need to improve every day in the management of our “core” activities, introducing innovative elements to increase effectiveness and efficiency, simplifying and speeding relationships and the interface. We apply progress and innovation to our “business as usual”.

For us, to explore means to be open to the world’s newness outside our business and our characteristic dimension, the progress that allows us to revolutionize what we have done so far. Looking outwards allows us to borrow best practices every day and enhance our knowledge in a new and disruptive way.

Digital tools

We have adopted smart systems for managing relationships with suppliers and partners. We have implemented a new qualification system to speed up registration and accreditation and new performance evaluation systems to make the rating process participatory and interactive, which is also an opportunity for mutual improvement.

Other systems that make the experience and interface with the group smarter are:

Contract lifecycle management

A single environment to exchange comments, evaluations, modifications and histories of existing and future contracts, in order to achieve maximum transparency and traceability.

Digital Signature (by DocuSign®)

To minimize the effort and time required to sign contracts.


In punch-out mode, to make catalogs an immediately available tool for the purchasing experience and for accelerating the related governance and administration processes.

Adjacent markets