Innovation at the service
of the community

According to the definition of ocse, social innovation is the design and implementation of new solutions that involve “conceptual, process, product or organizational changes, the ultimate goal of which is to improve the well-being of individuals and communities”.
Our objective is to pursue a new mind-set based on “profit for purpose” perspective where social sustainability, applied to the community, is based on innovation that pays attention to the scarcity of resources and not to their surplus (innovation of sense) in order to transform the current “trade-offs” into “trade-ons”.

Based on these guidelines we have focused our priorities on:

  • Safety
  • Stakeholder involvement
  • Inclusion
  • Human capital
  • Training.


Among our key values are the prevention and protection of workers and stakeholders: in our sector, we believe it is essential to protect the health and safety of people in the workplace. The integrated company policy document expresses our commitment in this area.

Furthermore, we are equipped with an integrated quality, safety and environment management system, through which we manage issues relating to the health and safety of workers. Among the most advanced creations are asset management & maintenance systems and anti-collision systems.

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Special devices installed on the machine allow monitoring in real time the functioning of each machine, work vehicle and system, transferring all the data to the server and in cloud mode, which a control dashboard enables to verify and monitor. Thanks to this monitoring, it is possible to:

  1. Set maintenance deadlines based on the service status of the key components and the intervals set by the use and maintenance manuals, optimizing the efficiency of the vehicles;
  2. Schedule machine downtime as necessary in advance to allow coordination with the production units;
  3. Monitor corrective maintenance to identify recurring problems and/or weak points in the mechanics of systems and machinery;
  4. Standardize maintenance criteria at an international level and subsequently safety management for operators and vehicles;
  5. Integrate company procedures with new inputs deriving from the operation of the system and devices.


The installation of specific devices on the construction site and on the machine allows controlling in real time the situations which, especially within small workspaces (tunnels, excavations, yards), can generate immediate danger of collision between people and machines. When a worker enters the operating range of a machine and gets too close, so much so as to put their safety at risk, the installed devices raise the alarm and, in the most critical cases, reduce or cut the power to the engines or to the control units.



Our reference interlocutor is the territory, in the broadest sense of the term: this includes not only geographical locations but also all the stakeholders who are part of it.

From a long-term perspective, the creation of infrastructure always brings economic and social benefits, but it must be conducted responsibly and taking local peculiarities into consideration, especially in heavily anthropized countries, rich in history and cultural and landscape traditions.

In concrete terms, our group carries out a constant and transparent dialogue with the territory, to prevent any critical issues linked to the construction site of a work, and creates employment and related activities opportunities. Furthermore, with the support of fondazione pizzarotti, we promote a culture of collaboration, to contribute to improving people’s living conditions.


Our group has a social responsibility and diversity & inclusion policy, through which it guarantees correct and transparent management of its human assets. It carries out awareness-raising activities towards suppliers, employees and external collaborators, with a view to respecting the principles of social responsibility established in the SA8000 standard and diversity & inclusion of the ISO 30415 standard.


Aware of the fact that the company’s competitive advantage depends on its intellectual capital, we pay special attention to the development of people. We invest in the corporate culture trying to pursue the development of new skills, anticipating the needs required by a constantly evolving market. In particular, the company focuses on hard innovation and digitalization skills and soft leadership development skills aimed at strengthening company values.


People are at the center of our value system and the progetto benessere represents the virtuous declination of company policies that we renew year after year, adapting new initiatives to the changing needs.

The group’s policies aim to promote an increasingly smart and inclusive work environment, with a view to improving the work-life balance of all employees with a particular focus on protected categories and female staff.