A strategic approach
Between innovation and sustainability


Net Zero is the goal, established globally and ratified by the European Union, to combat global warming and reduce the increase of planet’s temperature. We want to contribute by accelerating the adoption of building solutions oriented towards the circular economy. This model works through five priority actions (collection, restoration, reuse, recovery, reduction), which we apply to all areas of our activity: techniques, technologies, materials, processes.

In this way, we obtain concrete and measurable results to significantly reduce our environmental impact.

Construction next
For services tailored to client

We deal with the management and maintenance of civil works and integrated systems in the real estate, infrastructure, waste (solid and sludge), water, solar and hydrogen sectors. In all these areas, we provide excellent services, focused on the customer experience. We want to guarantee our clients an optimization of the performance in the phase following the construction of the work, offering a service that positively affects the levers of profit (costs and revenues) and on those of safety and environmental sustainability.

And providing a personalized approach, because every client (and every building) is unique.

New Frontiers
To unleash the power Of innovation

We are always looking for new business opportunities oriented towards the future, towards a more sustainable and digital world. This is the reason we expand our skills, by collaborating with start-ups that have innovative and smart ideas. We evaluate possible collaborations according to a standardized analysis process that takes into account:

  • Country risks / opportunities
  • Local ecosystem mapping
  • Potential local partners
  • Projects of interest and application of our skills.

Through structured due diligence, we evaluate the maturity phase of the start-up and the potential risks and opportunities in integrating a specific solution into our construction sites and into our proposals during the tender phase. In this way, we enrich our knowhow with new stimuli, consistent with our DNA.

Smart Infrastructures
The great challenge of ai

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and IoT are some of the great challenges of our era. How will they fit in our lives? How will they change the construction sector? We have decided to accept the challenge of intelligent infrastructures by giving life to concrete pilot projects.

Our IoT Evolution model focuses on four macro areas: Smart tunnel, Smart building, Smart solar, Smart water.

And on five main themes: integration, customization, data interpretation, predictive maintenance, AI assistance systems.

Innovation belongs to everyone.

It is our new platform for the spread of Innovation. A project intended to bring to light new best practices, ideas, technologies, skills and knowledge can contribute to solving real problems in projects or processes. Tekhne Agorà joins the other PNH (Pizzarotti New Horizons) projects included in the 2022-2027 Industrial Plan.

Born thanks to the collaboration with QMarkets, Tekhne Agorà is a platform open to all Pizzarotti people, intended for sharing ideas and innovative proposals around the 4 growth areas (Construction Next, Net Zero, Smart Infrastructures, New Frontiers), for:

  • Taking into account everyone’s suggestions and ideas;
  • Involve each employee into a virtuous collaboration process to spread innovation within the company;
  • Encourage collaboration and exchange between colleagues;
  • Incorporate all innovative ideas from outside and from our partners.

It is a great challenge, which will help us discover the new practices available on the market and make Pizzarotti people increasingly part of the innovation process. Tekhne Agorà works through “campaigns”, i.e. discussion and contribution forums that all Pizzarotti people can access. The platform is also accessible to external partners, becoming a true network for Open Innovation.

Our certifications

Health and safety of workers, together with the protection of the environment, are the heart of our work.
This attention is proven by many certifications we obtained from international bodies.