We build
a better world

We are a global player in the infrastructure and construction sector. Over the course of more than 110 years, we have collaborated with public and private clients around the world to design, build and manage crucial infrastructure, thus enabling the improvement of people’s living standards.

Today the future presents itself in new forms, technology and sustainability became an essential part of our daily actions. While we as a group continue to do what we do best: shape space to make the world a better place to live in harmony.

The business model
responsible, careful, respectful

We do business
in a responsible way.

It is the approach we have chosen, it’s our DNA. In this way we design, create and manage industrial initiatives that fully satisfy the needs of the market. We are constantly listening to our stakeholders, we carry out a transparent work of reporting on our activities in all phases, from planning to construction, management and maintenance of the work, as well as the engineering of the processes and the acquisition of production factors.

We put people
at the heart.

They make the difference, they bring knowledge and innovation, they are the engine of the company’s development. This is why we carefully select and protect them, paying the utmost attention to their safety. We consider training a strategic factor that guarantees constant enhancement of human capital.

We respect the planet
we live in.

Environmental protection is a central element for our company as we base the development of our activities on the territory. Attention to sustainability, reducing impact and engaging with local communities are the cornerstones of our daily actions.

Our business units


We design and build sustainable infrastructure such as roads, highways, railways, subways, airports and ports. Great projects with solid knowhow and an eye to the future.


We deal with civil constructions such as shopping centers and residential, offices, hospitals. Buildings that welcome people and are efficient from a management point of view.

Real estate

This unit represents the perfect and synergistic completion of the core business of construction activities. Our offering includes advanced products in both design and execution, meeting the highest standards in terms of smart and sustainable goals.


This business unit is dedicated to the industrialization of the construction sector, to which it supplies a wide range of elements: railway sleepers, structural elements for buildings and infrastructures, acoustic barriers. With three factories in Italy and one planned in Romania, we make an important contribution to what we believe is the future of construction.

Facility Management

We are able to best manage complex infrastructures and buildings. We guarantee a diversified range of services that includes digitalized plant maintenance, energy management, space and workforce management, smart security, maintenance planning.

Smart & Green

We develop innovative solutions for the energy and technology transition of the construction sector, applying our expertise in design capabilities, BIM engineering and IoT technologies to build smart cities and promote circular economy.