Act for sustainable growth is the goal we have set within our supply chain. The tool we have adopted is Ambidextrous organizations, which develops projects based on excellence, sustainability (ESG) and risk management.

A central role is played by the 360° Supply Chain platform, which, operating according to process and organization logics, provides inclusive and participatory digital solutions capable of giving meaning, future and value to the process of change.

In the Vendor Management area, the platform uses the Synergo system, which allows the Pizzarotti Group to carry out the qualification (ex-ante) and evaluation (ex-post) of the supplier. In addition to managing sourcing processes, Synergo has become the natural communication tool between the parties, simplifying the matching of supply and demand.
In the sustainability field, the platform makes use of two important collaborations. On the one hand EcoVadis, the global CSR rating company that evaluates the sustainability performance of partners within the supply chain; on the other Open-es, a digital platform dedicated to the sustainable development of companies.

Synergo, for top-class suppliers

We were the forerunners of digitalization in sourcing and procurement in Italy. Since 2003, the Pizzarotti Group has used the Synergo portal to streamline the procurement process of goods and services.
The qualification system implemented by Synergo allows us to have a complete vision of our partners and allows them to highlight their potential and skills, to encourage collaboration opportunities. From this perspective, Synergo has become the natural tool for managing communication between Pizzarotti and its commercial partners, capable of encouraging and simplifying the matching of supply and demand.
The integration of Synergo with the Pizzarotti Group’s management system also allows us complete and structured management of the entire procurement process (Contract Lifecycle Management), assisting it with information obtained through integration with third-party platforms.

Ecovadis, the sustainability rating of suppliers

EcoVadis is one of the most important international eco-sustainability rating platforms, which, by exploiting the influence of global logistics chains, helps companies in their ESG development by allowing them to monitor the sustainability performance of suppliers. The assessment model is based on globally recognized standards including GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), UNGC (United Nations Global Compact), ISO 26000. The verification concerns the supplier’s performance in 4 macro areas: Environment, Labor and human rights, Ethics and sustainable procurement.

Following the verification, the partner receives the score from EcoVadis. On the platform, the strengths and suggested areas for improvement are displayed and you can compare your performance with those of other companies in the sector, manage and share action plans and obtain customer feedback. Furthermore, they issued a medal (bronze, silver, gold or platinum depending on the overall score obtained) which facilitates the customer in identifying the partner’s level of sustainability. In this way EcoVadis helps companies compare and choose the suppliers in the sector who are most attentive to sustainability issues and suited to their needs, supporting them in the creation of increasingly sustainable and competitive supply chains.

Our policies and actions have allowed us to achieve Platinum medal status in 2023.

Open-es, the platform for sustainable development

Open-es is a digital platform dedicated to sustainable development that aims to involve companies, people and organizations in the energy transition process by creating synergies and opportunities. It is an ecosystem that aims to encourage collaboration and growth of companies, which can measure their ESG performance, share their positioning with the other actors involved and identify improvement actions. The performance of companies is evaluated based on the 4 pillars of sustainability (Planet, People, Governance Principles and Prosperity), the collaborative attitude and the sharing of experiences and best practices with the community.
Once the evaluation is finished, Open-es creates a dedicated development plan and supports the company throughout the process with analysis and reports on positioning compared to competitors in the sector, providing services and tools to quantify the level of sustainability and identifying the areas of strength and possible improvement. Furthermore, the platform allows companies to share their sustainability profile with other partners and stakeholders, to access various services and courses for employees to increase sustainable behavior in the company and to obtain tools to effectively communicate their commitment to ESG.


We evaluate and select our suppliers based on well-defined principles.
We have included them in the Suppliers Code of Conduct, acceptance of which is mandatory to enter our company’s Supplier Database.
Through this tool, we want to involve all our suppliers in building a sustainable supply cycle from a social, environmental and economic point of view.