A great history,
a greater future

We are one of the leading global players in the infrastructure and construction sector in Italy, one of the few realities to boast a continuity of history and values, handed down for over a hundred years by the same family. Among the objectives of the Group, improving project effectiveness and enhancing know-how and skills. Each activity is aimed at anticipating and satisfying customer demands through reliability, versatility and excellence.


We believe that the evolution of the business must be based on solid core values, essential for those who, like us, do business in the infrastructure sector. Safety remains firmly at the center of our work. The other pillars on which we found our work are attention to our people and clients; innovation as a driving force for business development; the social responsibility that characterizes the company’s way of thinking and acting. Our mission is to shape the space to make the world a better place to live in harmony. Our goal is building excellence in a sustainable and innovative way.

We want to develop new capabilities and launch new business areas to improve design effectiveness, anticipate and meet customer demands. This path is possible thanks to the reliability, versatility and excellence guaranteed by more than a century of history of our company.

People who drive change

The Pizzarotti Group has a Leadership Model, able to support change and develop widespread, conscious and oriented leadership to the involvement of people, as main actors of change and success. With the strong involvement of the Business Summit, the Values at the base of the Pizzarotti culture have been identified and a Skills model has been defined that can support and accompany the challenges that await us.