A green
approach In every area

Environmental protection is a priority for us. We pursue objectives of zero environmental accidents and zero pollution through a series of green behaviors:
Continuous analysis of significant factors to prevent possible impacts
Rational and sustainable use of raw materials
Priority to the recovery and/or recycling of materials
Development and use of innovative technologies in the design and in the construction phase.

Working against
Climate change

Climate change has been universally identified as one of the major challenges that nations, governments, economic systems and citizens will have to face in the coming decades. It has significant implications for both natural and human systems, and can lead to a significant impact on the use of resources, production processes and economic activities.

Our commitment to mitigating climate change is to reduce co2 emissions in the medium-long term for the group’s activities, in order to move closer to carbon neutrality for direct and indirect emissions and identify ways to offset direct emissions.

Towards circular

Business and sustainability represent a combination that is difficult to separate today. Companies must take a precise position on the integration of environmental issues into their strategy and operations, thus accelerating the transition to the circular economy and avoiding remaining anchored to a linear economy model.

We are always looking for partners who design, produce, market goods and services according to the principles of the circular economy, the only one today capable of reducing the consumption of natural resources by decoupling demand from the consumption of natural resources.

New approaches for
Energy efficiency

We have implemented an energy management process for the rational use of energy, preserving its sources. This approach concerns all activities with an energy impact, both at the headquarters and at the production plants and construction sites.

Growing and improving
Also means looking ahead

The sustainability report is the tool through which we communicate the features
of the company environment, the commitments undertaken, the achieved results and the way in which the company
intends to create value towards sustainable growth.