The Whistleblowing
a platform to
prevent crime

In support of the company mission of promoting increasingly higher standards, Impresa Pizzarotti has implemented the new Whistleblowing communication platform IntegrityLog
The new internal reporting channel will allow all stakeholders (employees, collaborators, freelancers and consultants, anyone who operates within the company business and the companies, branches and consortia of which the Company is part), to report – even anonymously – any non-compliance and/or violations, as well as facts, situations or events from which the commission, or reasonable belief of commission, of crimes and/or offenses is inferred.


Oggetto della segnalazione possono essere violazioni di disposizioni normative nazionali o disposizioni aziendali, del Codice Etico e delle linee guida anticorruzione, di cui si è venuti a conoscenza nell’ambito della propria attività lavorativa (a titolo di es. illeciti amministrativi, contabili, civili o penali; condotte illeciti ai fini D.lgs 231/01; comportamenti che rappresentino un rischio di danno nei confronti dei colleghi; atti di corruzione, ecc.), che ledono l’interesse, l’integrità dell’Impresa o che siano importanti per la tutela del bene comune.

Reports concerning claims or requests linked to a personal interest, which relate exclusively to one’s employment relationship or relationships with hierarchically superior figures, do not benefit from the protection of the Whistleblowing Decree.
Disciplinary measures are foreseen against anyone who violates the provisions of the Whistleblowing Decree, with particular reference to those who intentionally or with gross negligence make reports that turn out to be false. (ref. e.g. Sanctioning System provided for under the Legislative Decree 231/01 Model).

The IntegrityLog Whistleblowing communication platform adds to the already active reporting channels, summarized below:


By valuing the good faith of the reporter, he will benefit from the protections only if, at the time of the report, he had reasonable grounds to believe that the information reported was true. The Supervisory Body will treat all reports confidentially and directly and they cannot reveal the identity of the reporter to people other than those competent to receive or follow up on the reports.