Our commitment
for the Global Compact

Since 2019

we adhere to the United Nations Global Compact, which promotes the values of sustainability and corporate social responsibility. With this voluntary membership, we have joined thousands of large companies, committing ourselves to implementing operational practices, social and civil behaviors that are responsible and take into account future generations.

In this way companies want to contribute to creating a new phase of globalization characterized by sustainability, international cooperation and partnerships in a multi-stakeholder perspective.

In 2022

we have achieved the GC Advanced level, recognized for companies that adopt and report on a broad range of best practices in governance and sustainability management.
Our Communication on Progress (COP) covers the following areas:

  • implementation of the Ten Principles in strategies and operations;
  • support for the broader objectives of the United Nations;
  • corporate social responsibility and leadership.

As a public document, the COP is an important demonstration of our commitment to responsibility and accountability.

In 2023

we signed the Manifesto “Imprese per la persone e la società”, committing ourselves to further strengthen the role of the social dimension in our corporate strategies, supporting and developing social sustainability with 10 actions that are already part of the objectives of our 2022-2030 Sustainability Plan.



Principle I
Companies are required to promote and respect universally recognized human rights within their respective spheres of influence;

Principle II
ensure that we are not, even indirectly, complicit in human rights abuses.


Principle III
Companies are required to support workers’ freedom of association and recognize the right to collective bargaining;

Principle IV
elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labor;

Principle V
effective elimination of child labor;

Principle VI
elimination of all forms of discrimination in matters of employment and profession.


Principle VII
Companies are required to support a preventative approach to environmental challenges;

Principle VIII
undertake initiatives that promote greater environmental responsibility;

Principle IX
encourage the development and diffusion of technologies that respect the environment.


Principle X
Companies are committed to fighting corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery.