Mind Up! Pizzarotti
Growth Program 2023

In partnership with SDA Bocconi Business School we have built a high level training course with the aim of building the leadership of the future and providing the tools to face the challenges of our corporate growth and innovation path. The program is addressed to “future leaders”, i.e. those who will guide and grow our company in the coming decades and with them we want to build a common managerial style and language aimed at building value.

The program addresses different issues that our future leaders will have to carry in their cultural baggage: knowing and facing the challenges of the macroeconomic and competitive scenario, understanding and governing the different dimensions of the sustainability of company performance, managing people, resources and innovation processes to guarantee a lasting competitive advantage.

Field Engineers Graduate
Program 2024

It is an initiative designed to attract young engineers with potential. These figures are involved in an “in the field” path, structured to acquire specific technical skills and soft skills in line with our Leadership Model . It is a two-year “gender inclusive” program with annual training, field experience and mentoring. The result is a clear and ambitious development and career path, with placement in a dynamic and innovative working context.

Leadership Academy

It is an initiative created in 2023 with our partner Isapiens. It is directed to all employees and aims to spread the new values and support people in becoming increasingly aware of the behaviors expected from our Leadership Model.