20 May 2024

Marseille Hospital La Timone, new building Women-Parents-Children: Another important award in France for Enterprise Pizzarotti & C. s.p.a.

Today the Hospital of Timon is the largest in the PACA region. In terms of activities, state-of-the-art equipment and human resources, it is considered to be the 3rd largest hospital in Europe.

The construction of this new building is one of the main operations of the modernization plan implemented by the University Hospitals of Marseille. It is a complete and ambitious project that involves a spatial and functional reorganization, which leads to a deep revision with a strong emphasis on innovation.
More generally, this modernization project is part of the development of the metropolitan area of Marseille and its goal of health excellence, territorial response, national influence and international attractiveness, objective to which Impresa Pizzarotti is proud and proud to participate.

This award confirms once again the important specialist role of Pizzarotti in hospital construction. See, among others, the new CHU in Guadalupe, the New Maternity Hospital and Al Amiri Hospital in Kuwait, and the Tuscan Hospitals. Learn more about our hospital projects

Discover the building in this presentation video (fonte: Agence d’architecture Michel Beauvais associés)

The Pizzarotti Group is the head of a group that includes: Studio di Architettura MBA (Michel Beauvais Associés), and OTEIS Conseil & Ingénierie.