22 March 2024

World Water Day, the primary good fundamental for life on earth

More than three billion people in the world depend on water crossing national borders, but only 24 countries have cooperation agreements for all shared water. For this it is necessary to cooperate on water and open the way to a more harmonious society.

This year’s theme is “Water for Peace” and the UN invites everyone to reflect: “We must act from the awareness that water is not only a resource to be used and conquered, but is a human right, intrinsic to every aspect of life. On the occasion of World Water Day, we must all unite around water and use it for peace, laying the foundations for a more stable and prosperous tomorrow”.

Confirming the commitment of Impresa Pizzarotti & C. s.p.a. in celebrating the importance of this resource, paying attention to the improvement of environmental performance, the territories, the development of the circular economy and environmental protection, specific monitoring and control projects such as the Aqueduct Water Risk tool, and treatment and purification systems.

A tangible example is the treatment plant in Naples North and Cuma, one of the largest in Europe, with a treatment capacity of 1,200,000 inhabitants equivalent. With these plants and those used at the Residence Marinai in Belpasso (CT) and prefabrication plants, we are committed to protecting the coast, purifying waste water to be able to reuse, reducing the presence of chemicals and odorous emissions, to recover the sludge with production of Biogas and electricity.

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