07 June 2024

Volunteer Days: the eighth edition has ended

The eighth edition of the “Volunteer Days” of Impresa Pizzarotti & C. S.p.A. has ended, the corporate volunteering program organized in collaboration with CSV Emilia which for almost a decade has brought the company’s employees closer to the social realities of the territory to contribute in a concrete way to their wellbeing.

The primary objective of the project, which for the second year crossed the regional border and saw the involvement of some company offices, specifically Genoa and Brescia, to encourage cooperation and collaboration inside and outside the working perimeter.

The rich program of activities, aimed at protecting the hashtag childhood and the hashtag environment, saw employees engaged in voluntary actions with the associations Lago di Pane, Giocamico, Ecobooster and Fondazione Santa Lucia (structure that manages the community of Castelguelfo ex Famiglia Aperta), including maintenance work on the social farm and gardening together with the children of the community, games and activities at the Children’s Hospital and waste collection in the Pontetaro area.

“We are so proud of this initiative – declared Silvia Rotondo, Head of People Culture, Acquisition & Development at Pizzarotti – that every year we strive to make it increasingly engaging and closer to the needs of the territory. Thanks to the collaboration with CSV Emilia we also went beyond the borders of Parma, creating widespread corporate volunteering that allowed our people to live a unique experience. It is a useful initiative for those who receive it and is especially good for those who do it, in fact there are those who have chosen to dedicate themselves to volunteering in their free time. Furthermore, last but not least, it is also an important opportunity for sharing between colleagues.”

As testified by Alessandra Staffieri, External Project Coordinator, of Impresa Pizzarotti who participated in the “Volunteer Days” for the first time, “”this experience was very significant, it allowed me to get to know a reality of the territory and above all of the people who are committed every day for the community we live in. It certainly left me with a lot in exchange for the little help I was able to offer. Helping others makes you feel part of a community and so we spent the afternoon at the Santa Lucia Foundation, exchanging stories and experiences with volunteers and colleagues. It is an initiative that allows us to escape from everyday life and take time to reflect on how precious even our smallest contribution can be.”

To all the volunteers who participated in these days by donating part of their time, Thank you!