12 April 2024

Varo Viaduct Mincio

AV/AC Turin-Venice, functional lot Brescia-Verona: the launch at night of the first group of prefabricated beams of the Mincio viaduct in Peschiera del Garda.

The Mincio viaduct, between PK 134+232,315 and PK 134+552,115 of line A.V./A.C. Torino Venezia, functional lot Brescia Verona, is about 322 m long and is divided into 8 bays.

The three spans of greater light (50m and 72 m) will be realized with metal beams, while the 5 spans of light 30 m will be realized with beams in C.A.V. realized by Prefabbricati Pizzarotti.

These are pre-compressed concrete beams of length 30 m, height 2.5 m weighing over 123 tons each.

The definition of the route to be followed for the transport of the manufactured products on site has been an extremely complex operation, since many viaducts on the road and motorway network do not allow the transit of a convoy of this size and scope. For safety reasons, in fact, all the artifacts will be transported at night.

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