09 April 2024

The workforce needed by businesses is missing and immigrants seeking asylum are increasing

Impresa Pizzarotti & C. s.p.a. takes the field and launches a concrete proposal.

As reported in the article of Corriere della Sera, last November Paolo Pizzarotti, president of Pizzarotti Company, owner of the “Residence degli Aranci” of Catania (Cara di Mineo), addresses the Presidency of the Council, and the Ministers of Transport, Interior, Defense and Economics: “If it is of interest to you to reopen the center of Mineo our society is available to manage it in first person, with inside artisan, industrial and agricultural laboratories: 100 total courses of the duration of 100 hours to course in order to form every year 2,500 applicants asylum”.

But that’s not all, the project also provides for the recruitment in the pipeline of 400 migrants for 2024, 400 for 2025, and others in ancillary. To date, however, this proposal is still unanswered.

The “Cara di Mineo”, originally known as “Residence degli Aranci”, has a long history. Originally built by Pizzarotti for the families of the marines stationed at the American base of Sigonella, in 2011, the lease expired, the then Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and the Interior Minister Roberto Maroni renamed it «Solidarity Residence» and was used to place the thousands of migrants crowded on the island of Lampedusa.

The management was entrusted to the Sol consortium Calatino Terra d’Accoglienza, public body formed by a group of municipalities of the area. But the situation was not handled as it should have been, organized crime took over and it was a disaster. The centre was closed in 2019.

Today the project presented by Pizzarotti, which provides for the rebirth of the “Residence degli Aranci”, would therefore have a dual objective.
On the one hand, it would give a concrete answer to the growing demand for labour that is not found, on the other hand, it would start a program of training-work for migrants asylum seekers, concrete actions also aimed at curbing the circle of organized crime.

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