02 April 2024

The training in Pizzarotti

Our corporate culture is based on clear and shared values. Within this value system people are at the center, with different levels of experience, knowledge, learning styles and specific training needs.

“The Learning & Development Strategy of Business Pizzarotti & C. s.p.a. is the commitment to build training and development paths aimed at enhancing internal skills and growth of people, improving company competitiveness and, at the same time, overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow. – explains Silvia Rotondo Head of People Culture, Acquisition & Development of Pizzarotti – With an increasingly targeted approach, able to positively transform the experience of individuals, we are committed to activating and developing defined career paths, a talent management process in synergy with the main players and attentive to individual needs, training and development opportunities that guarantee continuous learning and improvement.”

There are three pillars of our training and development strategy:

  • People Learning: our Onboarding, to allow all people in the company to access compulsory training and dissemination of corporate culture;
  • Learning Program: Upskilling/Reskilling of specialized technical skills and internal academies by our highly qualified people, as a tool for spreading company know-how;
  • Managerial Development: initiatives aimed at enhancing Pizzarotti Leadership in line with our skills model.

Risk management, Accountability, Women’s empowerment are just some of the issues that in 2024 will be the subject of training and development initiatives in synergy between all stakeholders involved.

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