31 May 2024

Technical visit to the construction site of Cepav 2

The initiative of the technical visits to the shipyards continues with great participation by our people.

The opportunity to see closely the complexity of the implementation of a large infrastructure work, as well as to experience firsthand the commitment put in place by all the professionals who work there, promotes a better dissemination of company know-how.

A new group of colleagues and colleagues from the Parma office visited the yards of the railway line AV/AC Milan – Verona, functional lot Brescia Est – Verona whose General Contractor is the Cepav Consortium two of which is part Company Pizzarotti & C. s.p.a.

Focus of the technical visit, the viaduct Mincio, one of the most important works of art of the route, consisting of 8 spans of which 5 with scaffold with pre-compressed concrete beams produced by Pizzarotti Prefabricated and 3 with steel platform.

The participants were able to attend some phases of the operations of launching the metal scaffold of 172m length (50m+72m+50m). The particular timing provides that the artifact, after being assembled on site, is made to slide on special roller conveyors under the pulling action of a beam of 19 strands moved by a hydraulic jack, covering a distance of 263m to reach the final position of the project.

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