03 September 2022

Switzerland, Kerenzerberg safety tunnel: goal achieved, last diaphragm has been pierced

More than half a million tons of material excavated from a 300-million-year-old rock, 300 days of progress with the TBM, and 3,000 ashlars installed.

These are just some of the key numbers of the “Kerenzerberg Tunnel Complete Renewal,” the project commissioned by Federal Roads Office FEDRO that stands out for its sustainability.

“The use of so-called ASV automated service vehicles with self-propelled electric motors is a great innovation in Swiss underground construction. Out of love for the environment, our consortium, together with the client and SUVA, dared to do something big, and today we can say that we have succeeded in this project, which serves as a model for other large construction sites.”

These are the words of Ivan Vicenzi, representative of PIZZAROTTI SA and chairman of the Construction Commission of the KER450 Consortium.

“Today we celebrate the result of an entire team effort, today we celebrate the success of everyone involved in the project, from the designers to the construction management, from the federal authorities to the client, from the technical management to the KER450 consortium construction committee.”

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