06 May 2024

Railway doubling Piadena-Mantova: the intense activities entrusted to the Consortile La Bozzoliana scarl have officially left

Railway doubling Piadena-Mantova: officially started the work entrusted to Consortile La Bozzoliana scarl composed by Company Pizzarotti & C. s.p.a. as leader, Saipem and ICM with Salcef.

The project of this first lot, which includes the construction of the double track line, the related technological and electric traction systems, as well as the redevelopment of the stations and PRGs of Piadena, Bozzolo and Marcaria, of the Castellucchio stop and the PRG of Mantua, are part of the wider project of doubling the Codogno-Cremona-Mantova line.

Primary objective of the plan that re-enters in the Regional Program Mobility and Transports, to increase the railway flow between Milan and Mantua.

Among the first works, the placement of the fences, the resolution of interference with public services, the completion of environmental and geological surveys, the reclamation of war ordnance and then the demolition and rebuilding of the viaduct on the river Oglio.

Work on the construction of the base camp and the headquarters has already started a few weeks ago. The whole area will have a surface of 36,400 square meters and will host: guardiania, infirmary, changing rooms, offices, canteen, bipiano dormitories, laundry, a warehouse, an exhibition space, a relaxation room/ meeting room. A sort of citadel, in industrial prefabricated, which will remain active for the duration of the work.

Starting from this week, instead, they will begin the inspections with georadar in order to characterize the exact position in which it is found the historical locomotive inabissatasi in the Oglio during the Second World War, as a result of the bombardment of the bridge. The locomotive will be recovered to allow the rebuilding of the viaduct over the river.

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