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The project concerns civil works for the building of a flour mill near Al Kharj (approximately 100km. south of Riyadh), Saudi Arabia Kingdom.

The production capacity will be 600 tons/daily. E/M works are not included in this contract. The project is made up of three separate adjacent blocks :

  • Block 1 : “cleaning section” for grain storage and cleansing. 28 towers, 15m x 21m size, 40m in height (including the levels for transporter belts and offices).
  • Block 2 : “mill section” for grain grinding, 9 floor building with different grinding wheels on each floor. 17m x 40m size, 43m in height.
  • Block 3 : “flour tower” for flour storage and packaging equipment into 1,2,5 and 20 kg. sacks. 20m x 21m size, 43m in height comprising 28 towers and warehouse connection area.

The buildings are in traditional reinforced concrete with pillars and slabs (full slab in this case) erected on foundation piles and bed.
The project’s feature is the tower construction, built between level +10 and +38 from ground level, which is carried out by means of sliding formworks per continuous casting. Finish is on an industrial level.