10 April 2024

People First: We know another face of Impresa Pizzarotti & C. S.p.A

Marco Marchetti, Country Manager Peru and Chile: “for over five years I have the privilege of being part of the Pizzarotti company team. The past period has been marked by significant innovations in business management, motivated mainly by the impact of the pandemic by Covid-19.This period has brought out in me a greater resilience, allowing me to face all challenges with greater determination and adaptability.

Currently, my role includes the integral management of the area’s activities, both from the operational and commercial point of view. On the operational front, I am committed daily to challenging challenges that require the constant search for innovative solutions. Seeing a work build , developing and helping to grow a work team is a source of great satisfaction, almost like seeing a child grow, especially for us engineers.

From a commercial point of view, representing a prestigious Italian company abroad and contributing to the dissemination of our technology and know-how is a fascinating opportunity. Trying to encourage the development of the countries in which we operate is a responsibility that I face with passion and commitment.

In pursuing these goals, I constantly keep in mind the business goals and those of our customers, promoting a safety-driven organizational culture and actively involving all stakeholders involved in the process.”

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