02 July 2024

People First, the face of July by Impresa Pizzarotti: Maria Grazia Masola, Head of Personnel Administration

“I came to the company relatively recently, for about 4 years, after over twenty years of experience in consulting firms and companies in other sectors. I work in Parma and certainly these years have been very formative and have given me the opportunity to know the company reality with its characteristics and peculiarities.

Together with Ilaria, Luana, Cosimo and Massimo, and the colleagues employed in the factories and in the yards, I take care of personnel administration, that is, of all the activities related to the obligations connected with the management of the employment relationship of the employees.

It is a work strongly linked to the regulatory aspects, which needs constant updating and linked to periodic deadlines, but also oriented to people and their need for support on issues sometimes complex, such as pay, contribution and tax.

My daily goal is therefore to ensure an efficient service, oriented to results but also to colleagues, trying to contribute to a serene and respectful working environment in which to share experiences and skills with all colleagues.”