03 June 2024

People First: Alessandro Tognato, Country Manager Kuwait of Impresa Pizzarotti & C. S.p.A.

“My adventure with Impresa Pizzarotti began six years ago in Kuwait, where I am still based. Here I was offered the opportunity to direct the works, including the design, for the construction of an important public hospital complex.

It was an extremely exciting and at the same time challenging experience, during which I had the opportunity to contribute to the realization of the project by fielding all the technical, operational and leadership skills acquired over the years, enriching and improving them.

I feel that I have grown day by day together with the whole team, operating within an innovative business management, aimed at constantly increasing their sustainability, safety and efficiency parameters.

Currently my role foresees the total management of the activities in the area, is from the operating point of view that commercial. Daily I interact with many stakeholders, in a multi-ethnic environment in which different cultures, customs and customs are mixed; promote the know-how of our company accompanied by a solid reputation built through our works thanks to constant dedication and professionalism.

The construction sector remains among the most complex and tortuous, with an increasingly fierce global competition. However, thanks to the tenacity and passion of companies like ours, it continues to offer, to those who work there, the rare opportunity to see ideas, visions, designs gradually turn into infrastructure and large works intended to serve people around the world for decades to come, improving their quality of life. And it is precisely this aspect that makes my work, in my eyes, particularly fascinating and precious”.