03 July 2024

In Belpasso and Dittaino, two prefabrication plants to supply cladding rings for several lots of Palermo-Catania

As part of the work related to the set of Lots RFI Italian Railway Network for the AV/ AC Palermo-Catania, is planned to build a total of about 125km of tunnels with the construction of approx. 70,000 prefabricated cladding rings for a total volume of 1,6 million cubic meters of concrete.

In order to achieve these highly challenging and challenging goals in the tight general timing, two industrial poles have been set up on site, directly set up and managed by the structures of the Consortia.

Work has recently begun on the field, prior to the commissioning of the two prefabrication plants, located in the Belpasso area (Catania) and in Dittaino (Enna).

The first plant will produce a total of more than 15,000 rings (over 300,000 cubic meters of concrete) of different types and production is scheduled for the second half of July 2024.

The second plant will instead produce a total of about 55,000 rings (more than 1.2 million cubic meters of concrete) of different types and thickness by combining a production system both with fixed formwork and carousel. Production is scheduled to begin in late August and early September 2024.

Both plants will remain in operation for about 4 years and will supply coating rings for several lots of Palermo-Catania, in particular Lot 4B and Lot 3 where Pizzarotti is present.