22 November 2023

Impresa Pizzarotti will build the new Saint-Laurent du Maroni penitentiary

Impresa Pizzarotti & C. S.p.A. has been awarded the contract worth over €350 million for the design and construction of the new Saint-Laurent du Maroni penitentiary, commissioned by APIJ (Agence publique pour l’immobilier de la justice), in French Guyana. The JV, in which we are leaders, includes architecturestudio, Ingérop, CS Ingénierie, EQUANS Ineo, AXIMA CONCEPT, Sodexo.

The project, commissioned by the French Ministry of Justice in Guyana, involves the construction of various buildings and units, including the Court of Justice, the Penitentiary, the Penitentiary Insertion and Supervision Service, the Youth Judicial Protection Service and common services for the staff. An optional tranche is foreseen for the construction of a road connection.
Located at the entrance of the municipality of the same name, the center will play an important role in the planning and development of the city and the territory of Western Guyana. Particular attention was paid to the sustainability aspect, with the creation of a photovoltaic system and the use of renewable energy sources for the supply of hot water.

The creation of the city of the Ministry of Justice of Saint-Laurent du Maroni will contribute to solving the problem of overpopulation of the Rémire-Montjoly penitentiary and will be an emblematic element of the development project of the Margot sector, which is part of the Operation of National Interest (OIN) of Guyana.

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