25 June 2024

Impresa Pizzarotti hosted the seminar “Correct Nutrition” part of the Wellness Project

Last week, at the headquarters of Impresa Pizzarotti, we had the pleasure of hosting the seminar “Correct Nutrition”, one of the many initiatives of our Wellness Project, active since 2013.

The initiative was designed in collaboration with LILT Parma, Italian League for the Fight against Cancer, with which we have been promoting the Month of Wellbeing for years, which includes free outpatient medical examinations for our people and family members in order to promote and raise awareness of prevention.

The event was led by Dr. Leone Arsenio, endocrinology specialist and creator of Obesity Week, who shared with us his vast experience and knowledge in the field of food health: the pleasure of food, food and evolution, digestion and absorption, the Mediterranean diet and the importance of extra virgin olive oil.

The President of LILT Parma, Enzo Molina, delivered his greetings and reiterated the crucial importance of health and prevention in our daily lives.

During the seminar, Dr. Leone Arsenio addressed the issue of obesity and the possible consequences of this condition, explaining that a healthy lifestyle is crucial. It is not just about nutrition, but a set of correct habits and behaviors to safeguard our health.

Dr. Arsenio presented some data provided by Istat during the fifth Italian Obesity Barometer Summit: in Italy, in 2022 the percentage of overweight and obese Italian adults reached 46.3%, with an increase in obesity from 10.9% in 2019 to 11.4% in 2022.

These numbers highlight the need for concrete action and greater awareness.

Impresa Pizzarotti therefore continues to invest in the well-being of its people, promoting a corporate culture based on health, in the belief that initiatives like this are fundamental to promote a healthy and positive working environment.