18 March 2024

HS/HC Brescia East – Verona: Calcinato natural tunnel excavation completed

Brescia, Calcinato construction site: successfully knocked down the Calcinato tunnel diaphragm wall and completed the excavation activities of one of the works of the new High Speed/High Capacity Brescia East – Verona railway section.

The construction of the HS/HC Brescia East – Verona section is among the works financed by the PNRR and is one of the pieces of the Mediterranean Core Corridor that will connect ports in the south of the Iberian Peninsula with Eastern Europe, passing through southern France, northern Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.
With the lowering of the diaphragm wall, the excavation of the Calcinato natural tunnel with a length of about 230 meters is completed. Completion work will continue in the next few months with the final lining of the natural tunnel, the construction of the east- and west-side artificial tunnels, and will conclude with the laying of the railroad ties and technology installation.

The HS/HC Brescia East -Verona line, developing mostly alongside the A4 Milan-Venice freeway and the conventional railway line, crosses the regions of Lombardy and Veneto, 11 municipalities in the provinces of Brescia, Verona and Mantua (the latter for road works only) and involves the construction of a railway line of about 48 km, including 2.2 km of the “Verona Merci” interconnection with the Verona – Brenner railway axis.

The completion of the Milan-Verona line, of which the Milan-Treviglio section has already been in operation since 2007 and the Treviglio-Brescia section since 2016, will ensure more regular traffic flow, reducing interference between the various flows and increasing traffic capacity at the Brescia and Verona railway junctions, with benefits on the punctuality of both long-distance and regional services as well as freight.

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