19 April 2024

Highway A7 Ploiesti – Buzau Lot 1

They continue according to program all the activities in yard, is on the finds and the works of art, that on the secondary activities like electric interference, the ITS and the environmental intense activities, reaching an advancement intense activities almost of 50%.

In line with the timetable for the opening of the motorway by 2024, the production and laying of bituminous conglomerates (developed live with JV plants/men/vehicles) has started, as well as a quality, safety and environmental audit, carried out by the Pizzarotti team with a modern approach based on a relationship of trust between the auditor and the sales team.

Getting into the local context and culture, engaging, promoting interaction and communication, listening to insider feedback, are just some of the values in which we believe to implement the continuous improvement of the organization.

The audit is no longer a simple verification of compliance but is one of the key moments to sustain a cultural change.

The entire Team of JV Pizzarotti-Retter Projectmanagement is motivated and oriented towards achieving the objectives.

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