18 December 2023

High-speed Naples-Bari: TBM that will excavate the even track of the Orsara tunnel landed at the port of Bari

The construction of the new rail line, an integral part of the European TEN-T Scandinavia-Mediterranean Rail Corridor, which will connect Naples to Bari, is a major step forward in upgrading the rail network in southern Italy, and with the landing of the new TBM, another big step is taken.

Specifically, the central section of the Naples-Bari route will be built mainly underground, and given the complexity of the terrain to be crossed, it was necessary to adopt TBMs with special technical characteristics, which represent an important evolution in the field of mechanized excavation.

In fact, EPB machines present technical and technological innovations designed and considered to make possible the application of mechanized excavation in long, deep tunnels and structurally complex formations where it is necessary to minimize construction time and environmental impact, which are the basis of the “greenTBM” concept.

This is thanks to the application of the innovative “continuous mining system.”

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