23 April 2024

GIC Italian Concrete Days 2024, Piacenza 18 April 2024

On the occasion of the Italian Days of Concrete and Inert Construction and Demolition – Italian Concrete Days held in Piacenza from 18 to 20 April, was held a conference organized by ship2shore and Concretenews.it magazines entitled “Infrastructure in ports and transport and relationship with the concrete industry” in which authorities and technicians of the field have intervened in order to illustrate the potential applications of the concrete in the works in plan and/or under realization in the ports and the field of the transports in Italy.

In the within of the participations of the Extraordinary Program promoted from the Bill n.130/2019 finalized to the potenziamento and I throw again of infrastructures of the Port of Genoa and coordinated from the Authority of Harbour System of the Ligurian Sea Western, the Ing. Andrea Lauletta of Company Pizzarotti & C. s.p.a. has introduced the state of the intense activities concerning the improvement of street infrastructures for the accessibility to the Port of Genoa and the intermodal connection of the airport Christopher Columbus with the city of Genoa.

The contract assigned to Pizzarotti Enterprise for an amount pairs to approximately 138 million includes to its inside the planning and the realization of 8 infrastructural works times to realize a new internal and external practicability to the Port of Genoa through the creation of corridors and dedicated heavy traffic entrances for a total length of 5 km. Al term of the intense activities, that they are being carried out in coordination with the Agencies and the harbour operators to the aim to guarantee the full operativity and accessibility of the areas of the Port, the practicability of the means in income and in exit from the Port of Genoa will be separated from that urban one, improving the viability of the city and allowing direct access through the tollbooths of Genoa West and Genoa airport.

In particular, were illustrated the executive technologies put in place by Pizzarotti Company for the construction of the new railway viaduct of Via Siffredi and the Pope’s Bridge, already open to traffic last year, and the constructive choices of the other works being completed, highlighting the great variety of application of concrete with a particular focus on the massive jets of the foundation structures of the Pope’s Bridge. This last work, characterized by a bridge of three spans of a total length of over 200 meters, is the only arched bridge in Europe to have two levels of overlapping and one of the few in the world of its kind, representing the iconic and majestic element of the new road system.

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