08 January 2024

Genoa, launched the New Strada Superba

Six nights for the 6 various of the decks of the new elevated Strada Superba that represent the last road mile for accessibility to and from the Port and that will allow all heavy vehicles exiting from the Genoa Airport toll booth to go inside the new western port accessibility gate going to relieve from heavy traffic the entire Via Guido Rossa, the main thoroughfare of the Genoese west.

The New Strada Superba in elevation is part of the complex and articulated project of infrastructure works underway to redesign the road system for access to the terminals of the port of Sampierdarena by putting them in a simplified and direct connection with the highway system, from east to west, through the Genova Ovest and Genova Aeroporto toll booths. Once completed, it will connect to the eastern port causeway via the new Ponte del Papa over the Polcevera Creek.

The deck launching operations were scheduled at night to minimize impacts on city traffic and required the participation of 30 companies and the commitment of about 1,300 people per day coordinated by Impresa Pizzarotti & C. S.p.A.

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