04 June 2024

Francesco Ippolito from Foggia, civil engineer specialized in Pizzarotti & C. s.p.a., number one in the dissemination of scientific and technological contents

According to data from the Favikon platform, it has the highest creator score in Italy in the niche of Stem disciplines. “I combined two issues like engineering and writing that apparently had nothing to do with it, and the result was my daily LinkedIn disclosure, which I do in the morning before I go to work. – Ippolito said – In my posts I try to explain civil engineering in a simple way, commenting on videos of construction of bridges, tunnels or much more and highlighting the importance of infrastructure in everyday life”.

He currently works as a TBM engineer on the high-speed line Napoli-Bari, Bovino-Orsara and Hirpinia-Orsara: “Pizzarotti welcomed me from the first day with open arms, making me feel immediately part of a large family. A family made up of gentlemen, beginning with President Paolo Pizzarotti, of whom I have heard for years from my father Luigi, long commander of Aliparma: thanks to Pizzarotti I relive firsthand that atmosphere that my father described with so much pride”.

Congratulations to Francis for his dedication and for the important recognition achieved!

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