The Innovation Signed

We work to shape the future of the healthcare industry through innovative and ambitious projects, backed by proven experience. Here are some of our most important projects, each designed and built with the aim of creating modern, functional and cutting-edge hospital environments.

New Maternity Hospital – Kuwait

Participation/Share > 100%
Anni > 09/16 (ongoing)
Value > about 680 mln € (executed 618 mln €)
Area > 357.000 sqm
Customer > Ministry of Public Works of Kuwait
Architects > Studio Altieri & SSH International

The New Maternity Hospital project is an excellence in the field of maternity, focused on the well-being of mothers and newborns. Our commitment was to create a cozy and safe space, equipped with the latest medical technologies and advanced comfort.


The New Maternity Hospital represents a particularly important work for Kuwait, which will have a concrete impact on maternity care, becoming the first highly specialized hospital in the region.

We followed the design (carried out with BIM mode level LOD 300), construction and operational maintenance of the hospital, located in the medical district Al Sabah in Kuwait City.
The structure will host 780 beds, 28 operating rooms, a building (called Annex Building [ANX]) for Day hospital and administration, a multi-storey parking and a building for plants and power plants. In particular, the ANX building, with 6 levels above ground and an area of over 45,000 square meters (including two underground floors intended for garages), houses all the management services of the complex.
To this are added all the management structures present within the hospital complex of 241,000 square meters (libraries, archives, entrances, common areas, services, etc.). The tallest building extends 95 meters above ground plus 7 meters underground for a total of 102 meters.


4 BUILDINGS (max 18 floors, about 100 meters):
HSP Building – Main Hospital
Building ANX – 2 basements, parking, clinics, auditorium and administration
CRP building – 2 underground floors and 6 floors (1219 parking stalls)
CUP Building – Central plant with about 40 MW of installed electricity

TUNNEL between CUP and HSP
BREAKWATER PROTECTION WORKS (being the buildings by the sea)
PUBLIC GREEN (both on the ground floor and hanging gardens)

Total built-up area (including parking and services): 357,337 sqm
Beds in hospital: 780
Operating rooms: 28
Labor and delivery salt: 60
Parking spaces: 1800

New University Hospital – Guadeloupe

Participation/Share > 89,42%
Years > 2009/2018 (current)
Value > 365 mln € (of which executed at the end of 2023 about 300 mln €)
Area > 77.615 mq
Customer > Le Centre Hospitalier Universitaire De Pointe-à-Pitre

The New University Hospital of Pointe à Pitre / Les Abymes in Guadeloupe was designed considering the needs of a university structure, incorporating spaces for medical research and education. The synergy between patient care and academic progress is the key to this unique project.


The construction of the New Hospital Centre is a major project for Guadeloupe. The new hospital will bring together in a single center in the heart of Guadeloupe all medical, surgical and obstetric services.

We followed design (performed with BIM mode LOD level 400-500 according to BS PAS 1192-2:2013) and construction of the hospital. The project is located in seismic and cyclonic area, and is spread over over 19 hectares with a series of 4-storey buildings, for a total of 618 beds. This is an important project for Guadeloupe: this new generation hospital has been conceived to combine medical efficiency and the quality of hospitality. The design was based on the harmony between technical performance and the culture, climate and way of life of the island. Inside the hospital there are important management structures such as administrative, logistical and technical offices, staff canteens, archives, as well as all distribution and reception spaces for the public (entrances, common areas, services, etc.).


Capacity: 618 beds and places
Medicine: 200 beds
30 days and 15 places dialysis
Surgeries: 87 beds and 15 seats per day
Mother-children: 100 beds and 20 seats
Intensive care: 149 beds and 2 places
14 operating theatres

New Tuscan Hospitals – Massa, Lucca, Prato and Pistoia

Participation/Share > 50%
Years > 2009 (completed)
Value > about 420 mln €
Area > 171.000 mq
Customer > SIOR SIOR (Integrated Regional Hospital System)
Architects > Studio Altieri

We have followed the Project Financing for the design, construction and management of non sanitary services in the four Tuscan Hospitals of Massa, Lucca, Prato and Pistoia. For 20 years we will be engaged in the management of all non-medical activities and in the civil and plant maintenance of everything we have built.


In collaboration with the Tuscan health authorities and the Tuscany Region, we have helped develop new hospital facilities to improve access to medical care in the region. A commitment aimed at enhancing public health through modern and sustainable architectural solutions.

In 2007 the Concession was awarded to Società di Progetto SA. T S.p.A. (of which the Pizzarotti Company held 30% until 2017 and still holds a share of 1%) entrusted to the consortium CO.SAT Scrl, 50% owned by Pizzarotti, the executive design and construction of hospitals.
The four hospitals were all built between 2009 and 2015 and feature a total of 1,710 beds, 52 operating theatres, 21 labour rooms and 14 delivery rooms.
SA. T S.p.A. then entrusted to the consortium company GE.SAT Scarl (of which Pizzarotti holds 46.15%) the management of all non-sanitary services that includes, among other activities, the maintenance services civil structures and plants, cleaning, automated transport services, catering, washing, sterilization, maintenance of green areas and medical gas management, until the end of the concession scheduled in 2033.
In addition, Impresa Pizzarotti is 100% committed as a provider of GE.SAT Scarl in the management and maintenance of plant and civil hospitals in Pistoia and Prato through two separate contracts also expiring at the end of the concession.


In total:
1.710 beds
52 operating theatres
21 labor rooms
14 delivery rooms