17 June 2024

AV Naples-Bari: It grows to sight of the yard of the draft Bovine – Orsara

AV Naples-Bari: The construction site of the Bovino – Orsara section of the Naples-Bari route is growing at a glance.
The TBM 1 is perfecting its construction phase, waiting for its launch and finally the excavation.

The track will develop almost entirely in tunnels with a speed between 200 and 250 km/h and will have a total length of 11.8 kilometers. The gallery, called Orsara, will have a length of 9.871 meters.

Much of its construction will be due to the advancement of two TBM of about ten meters in diameter, which will allow the mechanized excavation of the two pipes of the tunnel and – simultaneously – the installation of the cladding ring in prefabricated ashlars: This is the innovative mode of continuous mining, which will allow a reduction in time and downtime and increased productivity.

For the TBM, the excavation technology adopted is called EPB (Earth Pressure Balance) and involves using the excavated material – put under pressure inside an excavation chamber placed behind the milling head – as active support of the excavation face.