11 July 2024

The preparatory works for the construction of the Passante AV of Florence and the new AV Station of Belfiore continue

This morning, the CEO of RFI Rete Ferroviaria Italiana Gianpiero Strisciuglio and the President of the Tuscany Region Eugenio Giani made a visit to the Tuscan shipyard in Florence.

The TBM Iris, with a diameter of 9.43m, a head driven by 13 electric motors with a total power of 4550 kW, for a maximum torque of 26.258 knm and a maximum cylinder thrust of 84.736 kN, is the first of the two cutters provided for the excavation and the coating of the two barrels of Passante. Launched from the mouth of Campo di Marte, it reached a kilometre of excavation last June.

To optimize working time, a TBM is being pre-assembled, which will not operate in overlap with the former. Parts of the cutter have already arrived at the Campo di Marte construction site.

The Passante AV will allow a separation of flows between regional, freight and high-speed trains, increasing the capacity of the surface network for the benefit of local traffic and reducing journey times for AV services that currently stop at Santa Maria Novella station.

The result achieved so far is the result of the organization of the Consorzio Florenzia, the experience of the staff on site and the synergy between production and support services.