15 April 2024

Testing of TBM “CREG 1410”

AV Palermo – Catania: in line with the programmes, the TBM “CREG 1410” has been tested and will be used in Lot 3 Lercara-Caltanissetta Xirbi of the AC Palermo-Catania line.

In time order, it is the second TBM tested for this lot. The test, technically Final Acceptance Test (FAT), took place in the plants of Wu Xi, China, of the supplier CREG.

The TBM has a milling head of 9.48 meters in diameter and a total weight of 2,250 tons and will be used to dig 6.8 kilometers of line of the tunnel “Marianopoli”, in the territory of Caltanisetta.

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