18 April 2024

Recent award: Sigonella NAS I/II – MACC Contract

Impresa Pizzarotti & C. S.p.A. is pleased to announce the recent award of a three-year project considered to be the most remarkable and valuable one issued under the MACC Sigonella Framework Agreement.

The scope of the work concerns total renovation of single sailors dormitories in buildings 623 and 170, respectively located in Sigonella NAS II and NAS I, and building 562 in NAS II (this latter acting initially as a swing space and then incorporated into the general scope.), total usable surface of about 50.000 sqm, accommodating as many as 500 single sailors.

The above-mentioned award will guarantee the complete renovation and rehabilitation of the facilities to comply with current living standards as well as the revamping of the existing systems.

Project total value: $7.994.000,00
Award date: 19th March 2024

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