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The general objective of the project is the promotion of mobility on railways along Pan-European Corridor IV, through the restoration and upgrading of the existing Brasov to Simeria line. The upgrading project will be carried out while maintaining operation of the current railway and consists of repairing the existing railway and its technological equipment, rebuilding the structures (bridges, culverts and stations), the construction of new railway lines following the path of the existing lines and new infrastructures (bridges and culverts). This upgrading will lead to the maximum running speed of passenger trains being increased to 160 kph and goods trains to 120 kph, to improved transport safety and to the protection of the environment. In particular, the project will involve section 2 Coslariu-Vintu de Jos Section with a total length of 33 km. This section is included in the Coslariu-Simeria section, itself a part of the Brasov-Simeria section.