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The complex of warehouses located inside the Darsena of Viareggio falls within the new General Port Master Plan which has as its objective the redevelopment of a strategic area for the development of the city of Viareggio, but also of the economies of the Tuscan coast.

In the area called DR12 there are four buildings which, for environmental reasons, were forced to be built in metal: Alfayachtyard – Cantieri navali F.lli Rossi – Euroyacht – Cantiere Navale Viareggio for which Prefabbricati Pizzarotti created both the external infill and the dividers REI 120′ internal fire breaks. The infill panels have a horizontal frame and a thickness of 20 cm with the first courses composed of a single concrete body and the other stacked upper courses composed of the same body with an interposed lightening layer. The external finish of the infills is against a metal formwork for the internal dividers and in white Carrara marble grit on washed white concrete for the external ones. In the DR1 area we built the building for Cantieri Navali Versilia S.r.l. (CNV-Overmarine) while in DR11 there are three buildings built by us: Vismara Yacht, Gianetti Yacht and Cantieri Navali San Lorenzo. The type of coverage chosen for water disposal is the Pitti cis system (and sandwich for a portion of San Lorenzo) supplied according to the “water on the ground” formula. The structure meets the criteria of maximum lightness and is distinguished by the elegance of its lines. he roof tiles are pre-waterproofed, which provides significant economic advantages by compacting the construction site time of the work. The collection and disposal of rainwater takes place outside on only two sides of the buildings, avoiding the presence of sewer lines inside the complex.

In the former New Versilcraft building, now acquired by Cantieri Navali San Lorenzo, there is an area with flat roofing that was planned to function as a heliport, but then not used following the change of ownership. Natural lighting is provided by sheds of approx. 15 m in length, with a window frame consisting of honeycomb polycarbonate panels attached to a special aluminum structure of 1.20 m in height with a high lighting ratio.