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The park includes five underground levels for the creation of 482 parking spaces, 15 of which are dedicated to electric vehicles and 28 to mopeds and is located in the western part of the port of Nice close to the historic pedestrian center and on the extension of the “Promenade des anglais” esplanade.

The dimension of the work in construction is 44m x 85m.

Parking for light vehicles in the basement of the Customs has several purposes:

  • Replacement and clearing of surface parking sections within a general redevelopment plan to of roads and port spaces, as well as other urban projects in evaluation or in progress, such as the tram line
  • Improve / increase interconnection city – harbor
  • The creation of a quality public space through the redevelopment of the surface area.

The project will be realized within a “High Environmental Quality” plan and in compliance with the rules of the “Loi sur l’eau” and the dossier NATURA 2000.