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Section 1 represents the first section of the new Sebes-Turda highway. The highway, having a total extension of 70 km, is located in western Romania and will connect the Pan-European Corridor IV in correspondence with the city of Sebes with the Turda – Targu Mures highway in correspondence with Gilau, in the direction of Cluj Napoca.

Section 1 extends from progressive number 0 to 17 and is characterized by: 2 lanes in each direction; width of the road platform equal to 26 meters; two short rest areas at progressives 4+200 and 4+500; 1 interconnection junction with the highway system near the city of Sebes; 2 interchanges interconnecting with the local road network in the city of Alba Iulia (Northern junction at pk 16+000 and Southern junction at pk 8+000).