Business area






The Rovagnati S.p.A. factory of Villasanta (MI), covers an area of over 22,000 m2. The building, with a rectangular plan, is supported by pillars that exceed 20 meters in height and rises above the ground level by over 13 meters, while the remaining part remains underground. The infill, with a vertical structure, is crowned by a band of horizontal panels suspended from the structure. Twelve 18-meter high triangular towers give the building an unmistakable appearance.

The natural lighting of the interiors is entrusted to numerous continuous facades arranged on the perimeter of the building and to over 2,800 m2 of zenith light obtained by spacing the roofing tiles. The roof of the building is supported by a structural mesh measuring 27 x 26 metres. Special coupled box beams with a rectangular section measuring 80 x 185 cm were positioned over the 26 meter span. They support the 27 meter long double slope beams arranged at a distance of 13 metres. Each beam fits into special niches created in the section of the twin beams and supports the 13-metre bi-ribbed tiles that complete the roof.

A special formwork was built for the production of the box beams, while particular metal constraints solidify each pair of beams, preventing them from overturning. The ground floor deck, intended for production, extends for over 19,300 m2. The very high loads present (4,400 kg/m2) and the structural mesh of considerable dimensions (27 x 13 metres) imposed by the particular internal layout, led to the adoption of very high level technical solutions.