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The complex of buildings that house the archive of the Revenue Agency, owned by Virgo Romana Immobiliare, located in Località La Rustica in Rome, is located in an area used for administrative offices where the Revenue Agency has its main logistics headquarters, close to the Grande Raccordo Anulare, where the manufacturer created a specific vehicle exit for access. It consists of five warehouses and an office building with a volume of more than half a million cubic meters used as an archive.

The Pitti system constitutes the load-bearing structure, with the exception of the building which has a flat roof made with honeycomb floors, and is supplied according to the “water on ground” formula, this structural typology is made up of three orders of elements: primary “H” beams ” or “I”, secondary “V” elements, on top of which rest tertiary elements made of pre-painted modular curved metal sandwich panels. The collection and disposal of water takes place on only two sides of each building through the “H” beams which have a dual load-bearing and gutter function. This system does not require internal sewer lines with obvious economic and functional advantages and allows maintenance to be transferred externally.

Where water disposal is not foreseen, the Pictish tiles rest on primary beams with an “L” section and constant height. The gutter beams present on the perimeter of the buildings are equipped with overflow holes which come into operation when the water level inside the aforementioned buildings exceeds the pre-established limit value. The excess flow rate is thus disposed of directly outside the building, thus preventing the effects of exceptionally intense meteorological events. Natural lighting is entrusted to zenithal skylights distributed in some areas of the roof, where numerous smoke and heat extractors are housed. The entire structure is suitable for mechanical fire resistance R 120′.

Each of the five warehouses has inside two or three rows of REI 120′ fire walls, which divide the internal spaces into compartments, walls which have been carefully analyzed by Pizzarotti Prefabbricati to such an extent that, to ensure adequate fire prevention, rise more than a meter from the roof.