Business area






The industrial complex built by Tod’s in Sant’ Elpidio a Mare (AP) is the result of a multi-year collaboration with the Prefabricated Division of the Pizzarotti Company which, starting from the mid-1990s, led to the construction of four buildings.

The exceptional architectural qualities of the production center are enhanced by the splendid natural setting that surrounds it, in which numerous centuries-old olive trees stand out. The architectural motif that most identifies the four buildings is the portico with the prefabricated columns and beam panels that compose it, with an external finish in white concrete and Carrara marble chips on all visible parts. Special flat intrados floors form the roof. The infill panels have a vertical frame and a thickness of 20 cm.

A layer of high-density polystyrene guarantees an adequate degree of insulation on the walls. The infill reflects the surface finish of the pillars and panel beams of the portico with the addition of false horizontal joints which, together with the structural joints between the various panels, form a rectangular pattern on the facades. Large glass surfaces keep alive the contact between the internal environment, enclosed in the harmonious lines of the Pitti structure, and the refined external frame of the complex.

Each building in the industrial center is the result of Just in Time design. In fact, to reduce the time needed to complete the works, the design of the building and the production of the related products proceeded in parallel with the design of the internal layout.