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Executive design and construction of the Verona HS/HC Node, a fundamental piece of the TEN-T Mediterranean Core Corridor.

The works consist of the construction of functional works at the entrance of the new HS/HC Brescia-Verona line at the Verona Porta Nuova station, the first phase of the overall reorganization project of the Verona railway hub and are part of the completion of the Milan-Venice railway axis .

The project will make it possible to reduce interference between the different traffic flows, making circulation more fluid and increasing the capacity of the infrastructure, with benefits on the regularity and punctuality of both long-distance and regional services as well as greater efficiency and consistency of the freight transport. The new freight line, in particular, will allow to rationalize flows to and from the Brenner line through the Verona hub and will strengthen connections with the Verona Quadrante Europa interport.