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Construction of the Garibaldi station of line 1 and the Arco Mirelli station of line 6 of the Naples Metro. Garibaldi Station consists of a station well approximately 40 m deep and an adjoining commercial tunnel (approximately 10 m deep) which also acts as a connection between the underground metro station and the existing RFI station in Naples (High Speed, line 2 MN and regional trains).

The station tunnels were built using the freezing technique as they are located under a head of water of approximately 30 m. Arco Mirelli consists of a station well approximately 30 m deep and was also built in the presence of groundwater 1 m from the ground level. For both stations, the bulkheads delimiting the station shafts were created using the hydromilling technique.

These works ensure that the Client has the possibility of guaranteeing, in a strategic area for communications (Naples railway station), a rapid and effective connection of the station itself with the other parts of the city.